Gorillas are highly spiritual due to their High content of melanin. They have a high grade of melanin because they nourish it with natural alkaline foods from the forest. They carefully pick the best sources of food for optimum mineral balance.

Gum diseases like pyorrhea and gingivitis are common in modern society due to highly processed foods consumption. They are usually disorders affecting the gums and underlying bone structure.

In my view, the reason why a lot of people-particularly those in power suppressing cultural foods, discouraging the natural farmer, and manipulating the masses about nutrition.

With cancer on the rise each year, more people are decimated every day, and more families are watching their love ones torn apart faster than any life threatening disease anyone have experience in history.

I never wanted to believe the thought that something was wrong with my glands. Even though, I accepted to try alfalfa tea. I replaced my caffeine-containing tea coffee and the tannic-acid containing tea for this natural alfalfa herb. Plus, I stopped eating starchy food, sugar, and junk food.

Natural Dr. Sebi Weight loss  Meal Plan for Women From the Nutritional Food Guide.

Breakfast within one hour after

Waking up: (drink 16 ounces of natural spring water upon waking up)

The skin is the largest organ in the body so it's imperative that it is well taking care of; to do that can be somewhat complicated if one doesn't has some nutritional knowledge.

Food for natural hair such as the mineral zinc, rich iron foods, and copper rich foods are among the best fruits and vegetables that are excellent for growing beautiful strong long hair. The alkaline nutritional guide from Dr. Sebi is the top food list for growing natural hair.


Carrageenan is a texture modifying agent food additive. It is a colloid extracted from various red algae (as Irish moss) and used as a gel or thickening agent.


What Food Carrageenan is permitted in or upon?

What causes herpes, cold sores, fever blisters, and herpes simplex type one? They all fall in the same category. Herpes dating websites is on the rise.


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