Cancer Pesticide, Herbicide, and Chemically Contaminated Foods

Cancer Pesticide, Herbicide, and Chemically Contaminated Foods

With cancer on the rise each year, more people are decimated every day, and more families are watching their love ones torn apart faster than any life threatening disease anyone have experience in history. Cancers are killing people swifter than a thief in the night.One day you are strong and mighty in good health. The next day, your health deteriorated faster than an urban city war zone shattered by deadly bombs. And as each day goes by your health, physical body, and overall well-being crumbles like the twin towers in an instinct.


Your body become a havoc, nothing is stable, a few days ago your well, strong, in good health, now your health is worse than anything anyone without no words to describe. Just sorrow, grief, pity in everyone faces who sees you. Just an empty state of mind of what may had happened to you and if anything they themselves can do to prevent such poor quality of health from ever happening to them or even to be seen in such humiliating condition. Cancer is risky, deadly, has no morals, and worse of all cancer will kill children, women, men, and anything it reaches. Take precaution, you can help prevent cancer.


The National Academy of Sciences putted out a report of foods that were found to cause the greatest cancer risk. In today's world it is easy to get cancer, but it is also easy not to get cancer. Either ways, you just have to care, take action, and be knowledgeable about some dos and don’ts of cancer risk factors.

Here are the contaminated foods were found to cause the greatest cancer risk:

  • Grapes (fresh raisins, jellies and fruits concentrate widely being used in natural foods)
  • Corn (fresh, frozen, canned, cornmeal, corn tortillas, cornbread and corn chips)
  • Chicken (fried chicken, soups, chicken sandwiches and baked chicken)
  • Carrots (carrots juice, salads, soups and baby food)
  • Pinto beans (refried beans, soups and Mexican dishes)
  • Soybeans (tofu, dressing, soy oil, lecithin, mayonnaise and most bakery items with soy oil)
  • Wheat (most breads, bakery goods and crackers)
  • Pork (pork chips, bacon links, lunch meat and sausages)
  • Peaches (jams and sweetener)
  • Apples (apple juice, sauces, dried apples and apple butter)
  • Lettuce (salads)
  • Oranges (orange juice and marmalade)
  • Potatoes (potato chips, fries, and baked potatoes)
  • Meat (burgers, steaks, roasts and processed meat)
  • Tomatoes (ketchup, salsa, and tomato sauces in Italian and Mexican dishes)


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