Child bonding through breast feeding

breast feeding and child bonding

When enough breastfeeding is not sufficient, child bonding through breast milk can prevent a violent child and psychological behaviors. Studies have shown children who were breast fed are less likely to develop violent behaviors and are less likely to suffer from psychological issues. It is so important today that new mother’s breast feed their children because breast feeding has gotten a bad image in today’s societies. Breast feeding is still the best choice for infants compare to baby’s formulas. The benefits listed below are among many reasons why breast feeding is still the best choice.


Throughout nature, if one wishes to observe, you might ponder on a universal fact that it is common when there is a birth from a female species on the planet that its offspring’s will follow the mother and suckle until they are sufficient--for some it varies... it may be weeks, months or years. Nonetheless, nature has it that cows suckle on cow’s breast, kid goats drink goat’s milk, Gorillas on drink gorilla’s milk, and human suckles on human's breast.


That is a universal law, no one rise above this fact, there are no exceptions, you violate nature you will pay; it doesn't matter if you're a baby, male, female, old/young, rich or poor. Know this fact, if you don't breast feed your child the way nature intended, your child is deem for psychological, bonding, physical, and spiritual problems.


Nothing is without purpose when dealing with nature; you either are obedient or get sick and die. You cannot give your child synthetic milk (similac, Enfamil, Gerber) and animal milk (cows, goats, sheep), and expect all to go well. These brands will trick people by stating their killer formulas as being "closer than ever to breast milk", but they really should be saying "closer than ever towards nutrition deficiency, immune deficiency, and closer towards catching diseases.


These formulas contain GMOs and chemical ingredients such as soy, cow’s milk, fluoride, bpa, melamine, hexane, indium just to name a few.


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