Natural Weight Loss

Alkaline Foods For Muscle Growth, How To Gain Weight

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Alkha wants fast Muscle Growth, so he taught about going to the gym. A few months later, Alkha realized he wasn’t getting the results he had hoped for. He soon found out it was more challenging for a vegetarian body builder to build muscles.

Dr. Sebi Weight Loss Meal Plan for Women

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Natural Dr. Sebi Weight loss  Meal Plan for Women From the Nutritional Food Guide.

Breakfast within one hour after

Waking up: (drink 16 ounces of natural spring water upon waking up)

How Your Body Eliminates waste

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Your body is always producing wastes. Therefore, it is always working hard and spends much of its time eliminating wastes when it should be doing other things. The body tries to get rid of them all but it also needs your help.

Foods during fasting, Dr. Sebi

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Foods during fasting that are easy for the body to assimilate and increase optimum body wastes removal that are recommended by Dr. Sebi and other natural health professionals like dr. Afrika and Dick Gregory.


Fasting basics for beginners

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Intermittent fasting is an everyday thing for most household pets. The food is there, they get hungry, but there is not much our pets can do to self serve that food unless we feed them.