Amazing water Ph. experiment questions what you are really drinking

water ph

Water makes about 70- 80 percent of our body. For example, an adult person is carrying about nine to 12 gallons of water in his/her body. The muscles and heart make up 70 percent, your brain and kidneys are about 83 percent, your lungs are about 85 percent, and your eyes are about 96 percent. Lastly, your bones are 22 percent, and your blood is 90 percent water.


As you can see good water is extremely important for good health. Spring water is the water that can provide the health benefits the body needs for good health, not alkaline water from a machine. Man cannot make a better drinking water than nature from a machine. You are what you drink.

"Water is not only a mirror reflecting our mind-water is the source of life," Masaru Emoto.


What is good water?

The right water has to be electron-rich and alkaline. According to the book pH Miracle, "when you properly hydrate your body with electron-rich alkaline water, you are providing what your body needs to keep its cells healthy and pH balance." Whereas the wrong kind of water can makes you sick, fat, and mostly tired.


When the water you drink is acidic, your body has to pull minerals and other resources from your body to neutralize that water, therefore, living your body tired, diminish of natural minerals and resources, which promotes poor health. "Keep in mind that your body tissues and cells are only as healthy as the water you bathed them in," The pH Miracle.

How safe is your water:

Have you seen this wonderful documentary “water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink," watch it and you might learn something- it's an interesting documentary.


The Physicians for social Responsibility reported there are over 74,000 toxic synthetic chemicals that can be identified in our water sources. While only a fraction of those chemicals are targeted for regulations, you are on you own when it comes to pure and safe drinking water. The EPA documented over 82,000 violations of water quality standards by municipal water system, including over 20,000 contaminants that were found.


About 1,900 of the contaminants already have been linked to adverse health diseases. What worse is a person like you and I have used this contaminant water system- whether from our homes or public water system. About one million people in American alone get sick every year from bad contaminated water (CDC). Most of the bottled water that we buy are themselves plain tap water, so turning to bottled water will not do us much good. See the chart on most bottled water that we tested.