Are you eating chicken GMO chickens ?

GMO chicken

According to African Holistic Health by Dr. Afrika which raises an important question about should you eat chicken. the question should you eat chicken is up to every individual. Here are some facts about chicken you may have not known, and then the decision is up to you whether you should eat meat or chicken.


Chicken feed has poison arsenic to speed up growth. Foods given to chickens have antibiotics, tranquilizers, anti-infective agents, aspirin, stilbestrol, and pesticides. These poisonous chemicals and drugs get in the chicken meat, then eaten you, the consumer, and into your body, blood, and brain. The FDA is doing a poor job detecting all the contaminants in chickens. There is an estimate that 1 out of 5 chickens are unfit to eat, but they approve the chemicals to be use and they approve most state inspections.

Pesticides are injected in the Chicken to kill worms and other bacteria. The pesticides are synthetic and cancerous to both the chickens and human when eating.


Stilbestrol was approved by the FDA in 1955. Stilbestrol was proven to cause cancer by the international Union against cancer in 1956.


Tranquilizers are given to chickens to increase growth. It is also given to cows to increase milk, but it the hormone stilbestrol is given to sterile cows to produce milk, which the FDA approves.


The eaten of dead chicken flesh or other dead animals flesh is a personal, moral, or religious decision. The decision is up to the individual.