Boost libido drives and sperm count with aniseeds

Boost libido drives and sperm count with aniseeds

Are aniseeds good for sperm boost? People want to know if aniseeds can be used as an aphrodisiac to boost libido drive. We go on to find out aniseed benefits. Are there evidence that aniseeds is an aphrodisiac, if so, does aniseed good for boosting sperm count and even help with libido drive.


Aniseeds have long been used in the ancient world to help treat ailments such as coughs, asthma, anxiety, and digestion. Aniseeds were used in ancient Egypt when the land was ruled by black Africans. Was aniseed used to boost sex libido drive in the ancient world? We also know that aniseed was used in Ancient Rome as well as Ancient Greece to treat even more ailments; was sex one of the ailments aniseed was able to help with.


Aniseed is still very popular among the top healers today. Dr. Sebi added anise in his well-known alkaline nutritional guide food list. Only the most nutritious natural foods that promote healing are in that list, those foods are also known to be rich in minerals. That raises the question is aniseeds have the minerals that could validate the claim that aniseed is good for sperm boost and increase sexual drive.

Aniseeds contain some of the 27 major minerals found in the human body out of the 102 minerals found in the earth's soil. Aniseeds have the mineral iron, zinc, manganese, calcium, copper, and potassium. Dr. Sebi references iron as the one mineral that pulls other minerals towards it and has the aspect of providing needed energy. The blood is Iron, who's is responsible carrying out oxygen throughout the body.


That means more blood flow to the penis and iron delivers constant fresh supply of oxygen to boost libido sex drive. Now it starting to make sense why people have said aniseed is an aphrodisiac. But is it true, we want to validate the claim that aniseed is good for sperm boost.


What does sperm needs to thrive?

Sperm needs minerals, nutrients, and oxygen from natural foods to thrive. Copper, potassium, and iron are important minerals for energy conversion as well as the other major minerals. The body needs them to properly make energy.


How can aniseeds be used as an aphrodisiac to increase sex drive?

To increase libido drinking one glass of natural spring water with aniseed powder before bed or in the morning can increase sex drive. You may also want to change your diet and start eating clean.