Changing shoes unblock negative energies and toxins out the foot chakra healing center

foot chakra energy

He did beat cancer and he said to wear different shoes throughout the day because negative energy and toxins are release through the foot chakra.


During an interview on the Underground Railroad radio show two anchors by the name of red pill and blue pill quoted Dick Gregory saying "The foot is where the energy returns to it source. It is the last center point where the energy is still a part of the body before it leaves and re-enter the earth (Hermes)."


The rest of the interview went on to explain the foot as being an energy point and how it can affect the human body.


What Dick Gregory said during that interview was fact checked—this is what we learned from what he spoke of about the foot chakra's energy healing center.

The foot energy center or as I like to put it "the foot's energy chakra point and also often called the grounding point, but it is more than just the grounding center. Yes, the earth's soil does ground the feet when one walks barefooted or wearing proper sole footwear.


But, Grounding balances the negative and positive electrons in the body, therefore, preventing an overcharged of positive electrons.


Especially if one works with electronics equipment throughout the day or carries a smart phone for much of his/her day—these electronics can overcharge the body with too many positive electrons, therefore will need to balance that energy through grounding. An overcharge of too much toxins or positive electrons can cause high blood pressure, high cholesterol, irregular heartbeats, and even stroke.


But the value of grounding can prevent and heal these types of generative diseases from the body. Something simple as walking barefoot, you walk on the earth soil, which is referred to as grounding or earthing can restrict the possibility of having high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or even stroke.

"All sorts of toxins and negative energies come out underneath the foot and get through your shoes," Dick Gregory. Wearing the same shoe for long periods is as keeping all of that baggage with you, therefore, you wonder why some of you cannot snap out of it ... you may go all day long with this negative aura and all you have to do is change your shoe—that is how simple it is. You do not need to carry negative energies and toxins everywhere that you go.

If you like, there is information about grounding or earthing here.


The foot chakra is a split energy center sitting at the ball of each foot

It functions as an energy transformation point where energy slowed down so that it can pass into the earth. Learn quickly how to ground or earthing here