Clean eating is eating to die

clean eating is not eating to die

Why is clean eating good foods are not happening in my life? One of life's basic necessities such as "eating a clean diet" has become a major obstacle in my life. I can't seem to eat anything that is good food, healthy, and that will promote healing. Every bite is a challenge because what I think is good food or clean eating today, I learned the next day that it isn't good food, and is not even close to being naturally grown clean food.


Dieting is basic for all other species: birds have a stable diet that is consistent with birds, the gorilla has a stable diet that is consistent gorillas, and even plants have a stable diet that is consistent with plants. Why is it my diet is not consistent with me and I don't even know the good foods I am suppose to be eating that will be complementary to my health and well-being anymore.


#1 eating my life away- eating bad foods

I am eating my life away: finding good food near me is not something that is going to change so I can have an advantage in trying to cut bad foods out of my diet. I have every fast bad food joint you can imagine within a 15 miles radius near me. If you can name it, that bad food joint is probably in my neighborhood. I am not saying this as a way of making excuses, but it is a major obstacle for anyone to overcome that may not be something other people who wishes switching to eating clean may have to deal with.


Having limited knowledge of what good foods are, an individual is going to eat what he/she can afford and is readily available. This is part of the reason I am eating my life away, having easy access to readily made cheap taste satisfying bad foods, which are addicting, depletes the body of minerals, and foods that are Seasoned catering to emotional and cognitive complex chemical compound is challenging to overcome.

#2 I am not eating-clean good food

There are plenty of reasons why I am not eating clean good foods. Clean eating is a habit, but forming good habit of how to eat clean to establish this newly lifestyle is a not simple. I am addicted to salt and bad foods are full of salt. Eating clean takes time and preparation, when I want to eat something, it usually bad food, and I can smell it because It is available within blocks from where I live.


The preparation of clean eating food takes longer than it is to buy bad food. Commercial advertisements, I see something on TV which influences my desire to eat bad foods and all I have to is have a couple of dollars, then drive down the street… Seasoning, I eat bad food mostly for seasoning and I am have a hard time making the transition of having my clean eating diet taste like the bad foods my taste is used to. I eat bad foods for emotional reasons. I have no idea why I associate most bad food with emotion.


For example, dairy products such as cheese and yogurt, I eat them solely for emotional reasons. If I was eat clean, what would I subtitle yogurt and cheese with—nothing, its just not practical. A lack of knowledge is another reason I am not eating clean good foods. I just don't know how. Every time I think of food or if I get hungry, I am worry because I know it is going to be bad foods that are causing harm to my health. After every meal, I feel dizzy, tired, and dis-ease. This is how I know "I am eating my life away".

#3 I am diseased, overweight, and I’m afraid I may die if I can’t change

Fast bad foods are a fast trip to the cemetery; they will bring all kinds of degenerative diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol. Eating bad food is extremely honest; the outcome is the same every time—disease and eventually death.


Bad foods is a free ticket to obesity nation and I get lots of other nice perks being a member of that nation: I get an overly acidic body, mucus, which Dr. Sebi said "mucus is the cause of all disease," and all the fatty cells I can have. This is the route of not eating clean good foods have gotten me.


I want to change and I am afraid I will die if I can't. I want out. I don't want to keep thinking if my next meal or my next bite will end my life and lead me to the cemetery. This is no way to live and eat. I want to change my diet.