Cleanses: natural alkaline herbs to flush the colon

colon flush

The colon is an elimination organ. It stretches from the mouth to the anus, it is a muscular long tube that stretches five feet long, and it is a two and a half inch in diameter. The colon is the end part of the gastrointestinal tract in human.


What the colon does

The colon job is absorption of minerals, water, and formation/eliminating of feces. A sign that your colon is healthy should have two or three bowel movement per day. The feces should be the color of light brown, large and long, maybe some odor, and when flush in the toilet it should break.


What is a colon cleansed?

Alkhalifeinfo colon cleanse is completely natural with 100 percent alkaline herbs and fibers. The herbs are active natural electrical herbal ingredients, which compliments the body's biological structure. The alkaline herbs will help cleanse and make strong the inside walls of the colon through proving peristaltic movements.

Is constipation a warning of the colon issues?

Constipation or being constipated might be that you are not eating or drinking properly. When you eat the proper foods at the right time, you can get rid of being constipated. Constipation may harvest other sicknesses such as carted tongue, depression, bad breath, gas, fatigue, headaches, piles, hernia, varicose veins, bad smell Oder, and hemorrhoids.


Important: using over the counter laxatives for long term can damage the colon wall nerve cells. You should not take laxatives if you are pregnant. The best laxatives are of natural foods such as figs, prunes, ripe fruits, and vegetables (get the FREE Natural Food Guide).


Colon cleanse natural herbs remedies

These natural herbs are to help induce natural bowel movements. They contain laxative ingredients, and are not to be taken by pregnant women. These herbs can be boil alone and taken as a tea or as a combination of three or more. The more you combine, the better potent it will work on your colon.

  • Cascara sagrada bark
  • Parsley leaf
  • Dandelion root
  • Cayenne pepper
  • Burdock root
  • Horsetail herb
  • Fennel seed
  • Siberian ginseng root
  • Alfalfa leaf
  • Blonde psyllium husk
  • Bentonite

Creating colon wellness

The state of the colon affects your entire wellbeing, so to regain normal health; you must get back a normal healthy balance colon.


The following regimen will help revitalize the colon.

  • Massage your stomach with oil or castor oil from right to left
  • Eat fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Drink plenty of natural spring water. You can divide you weight by 2, then drink that number in ounces of natural spring water.
  • Take laxatives, eat prunes and figs or other ripe fruits
  • Exercise: do sit-ups, lying flat on your back, then raise your knee to your chest, and raise your legs for seven times of each legs.


Prolapse colon morning drink

Eating starches, meat, highly processed foods late night, plus not eating enough fresh green and not drinking enough water to break down fecal stones and hard matter in the colon.


This morning drink will help clean out the colon and let some of those fecal stones and hard matter to flush out from the colon. This drink will help Unstressed the colon and it will help it to breath freely.


Juice one seeded lemon

  • Quarter teaspoon of cayenne pepper
  • 2-5 tbsp. Of cold pressed extra virgin olive oil
  • 8 oz. of warm natural spring water
  • Mix all of the ingredients and drink it in the morning for seven days


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