Colon wellness: prevent and maintain colon physiological balance with natural remedies

Dr. Sebi Colon Cleanse

The colon is difficult to clean, strengthen, or to rebuild. The colon answers to many types of energy in the body. For example, the internal flora conditions, the mucous membrane, the balance of the acid/alkaline monitoring, and parasites, etc. So it is extremely important that one must maintain optimum condition for the organ colon to maintain and keep its physiological balance.


The colon is an organ of elimination and of nutrition. It mirrors what the other organs are during or not during in the body. For example, if the kidneys are not functioning right, the colon will not function right, or the liver vice versa.


Since colon irritability is associated with constipation. A common cause of constipation maybe improper food combinations, which may produce stool dryness, by causing a lot of fermentation that makes the colon becomes hot. Then, the body sends fluids to the surface to cool the body in ways of evaporation.

Herbs to expel gas

This kind of dryness in the system creates gas, there are herbs that can be used to cool down the body, expel gas, and moisten your stool. The following herb combination will help with dry stool and gas.

  • fenugreek
  • Cascara sagrada
  • Slippery elm


Colon laxatives food

Natural foods are the very best laxatives. Figs and prunes are very good laxative foods, they can regulate the acid/alkaline balance in the colon, and they can expel excess mucous, including eliminate bacteria in the colon. Figs can cool the large intestine; they are alkaline, emollient, and soothing.


Colon juices and herbs

Natural juices to cool the colon and herbal astringents to help with excessive discharge: Coconut milk, lime juice diluted with natural spring water.

Blackberry root, burdock root, bush monkey flower, bistort root, cloves, dandelion roots, white oat, these antiseptic herbs can be helpful if the colon condition has been invaded by parasites.

Colon cancer

Colon cancer is also known as colorectal cancer, which is the number 2 form of cancer that kills both women and men in the U.S. colon cancer is most found in people over 50 years fog age, but accounts for about over 19% of all cancer death in America.


Colon cancer takes a while to develop; it can take up to 9 -15 years, and it rarely shows any sign of symptoms until one day it creeps up on you.


Colon cancer is more prevalent in countries where people eat lots of meat, dairy products, and eat large amounts of processed or GMO foods.


Colon cancer is much lower amongst people who eat natural alkaline foods, natural grains, and vegetables, and fruits.


Colon cancer thrive in a diet rich in meat, fatty foods, low in vegetables and fiber, this kind of diet makes colon cancer develop.


Other factors that help colon cancer thrives include obesity, other cancers in the body, alcohol, eating greasy fried food late night before going to bed, and tobacco.

Lastly, not exercising can also be a factor of developing colon cancer.

You also could be more likely to contract colon cancer if you have had inflammatory vowel disease.

If you have had a diet of meat or fat can also encourages the growth of what is called colon polyps, which may become cancerous.

Important note, if the colon cancer is detected early enough and the tumors haven’t been spread, your survival rate increases.


Colon cancer natural remedies

Eat a high fiber diet of fruits and vegetables, lemon water, citrus fruits, whole natural grains like wild rice, and eat dark leafy vegetables or dark leafy greens.

Do not eat meat, unsaturated fat, and it is even better not to eat fried food, coffee, and chlorinated water. But equally important, you should get enough exercise.

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