Disease: a kiss of death to the poor and hungry

Disease: a kiss of death to the poor and hungry

Disease and hunger when one is poor, disease and plenty when one is lavish or rich, and you get disease and death when one is miss-informed. That is why you need to carve you own path. I have done long ago. Do not follow me or anyone for that matter, carve your own path. Even though we may be making and doing alike, what’s amazing is that we are truly passionate about our paths.


The modern day diet of animal flesh, chicken fetuses and milk is highly acidic. The high acid substance of the blood is destructive to the bones, nerves, tissues, reproductive system, glands and the brain. It destroys vitamins and minerals.


Eating large amounts of acid white rice, sugar and processed wheat flour degenerates the pineal gland. Processed bleach wheat or white flour becomes manure at the beginning digestive tract. It slowly travels along the digestive tract spreading pollution throughout the body. Wheat becomes manure at the end of the digestive tract-the colon.

The acidic junk food diet causes chronic physical, emotional, spiritual and mental fatigue. Acidic foods are constipated. Constipation is the leading cause of many diseases. For example, high acidity causes an increase in bacteria, infections, white blood cells, fibroid tumors, high blood pressure, impotency, high cholesterol, hyper sex drive, anxiety, colds, cancer, degenerative diseases, nervousness, fear, anger, and cravings, drugs, and sugar.


What I can't stand is that the minute someone realizes junk food (modern day diet) is the problem. You get ridicule by the people who you trusted, your church, your pastor, your religion, your health professionals, and your religion. They all lied to me; they all have been telling me or taught me to eat the wrong diet.


This dietary thing should not be taking lightly, it has been scientifically proven that you have the potential to change your DNA structure, your molecular structure with a grain of pea that you had as a meal. Every time you eat something you are alternating your DNA depending on the food you ate, DNA alterations. What Gene will you pass on to your future children?


Until next time, you are what you eat, drink, and think.


What will you pass on to your future children? I like to hear your response in the comment below.