Dr. Sebi intermittent fasting diet and prayer heal the body

Dr. Sebi fasting cleanses mucus

You can make intermittent fasting diet and prayer a cycle of renewal for your body, mind, and spirit. Fasting is a cleansing diet; it is a time to rest your mental, physical, and spiritual faculties; a time of which you apply self discipline, restraint, and abstinence to allow the body to use its skills to regenerate and heal the organs, cells, flush or cleanse out wastes, mucus, and impurities that degenerate health, vitality, youth, and which brings forth poor tormented ill-health.


Fasting is simple, yet not easy for any fainted individual. Fasting without informed knowledge can easily turn into something of a depressing situation of dreaming about food, thinking that your are starving yourself, not understanding why you go back and forth nausea and feeling elevated, and before you know it you can end up gorging hastily at all the food you passed up.


There are so much information about the body needs for a time of cleansing and there are even more information about the best ways to fast. I now I won't be the last, but before you go looking at so many places. I was able to find some of the most important useful practical intermittent fasting diet information on the subject.

Fasting prayer

The most important thing to do before you begin fasting is to check your awareness of your spirituality. If you are spiritual and able to combine the tow, then you have already accomplish 90 percent of what you needed to do to successfully complete your fasting.


Many people who have fasted for religious or spiritual purposes completed their fast. Think all of the people who fasted and were recorded in religious books, they all used fasting prayer. Meaning they prayed before they fasted, while fasting, after they fasted, and they gave the glory to the almighty universal creator for endowment of strength in completing their fast.


So many people who broke their fasts and lost their chance to cleanse because of weakness or distraction, I know because I am speaking from experience. How many times knowingly I ate bad foods and I acted like it was going to be my last time; that tomorrow is going to be clean eating. I often said I would start eating fresh salads, raw juices, and home made vegetable soups.


It seems so simple to be discipline and stop eating foods from the past, taste which brings us satisfaction, and start eating healthy in the future as opposed to living in reality gripping our senses for a successful fast. If you want to fast and eat health, you should do it in the present and not only wish about doing it.

How fasting heals the body

The advantage of fasting is that the body is a highly an intelligent system; it will start to eliminate cells and tissues which are diseases and damaged during the cleansing or fasting process. When you are fasting, what you are doing is you are allowing your body to use nature's natural way of operating and the body will start flushing out toxic substances, tumors, fat deposits, abscesses, etc.


According to Dr. Sebi about cleansing, being on a fasting or cleansing program, your body has the ability to turn on the eliminative organs. For example the liver, lungs, kidneys, and skin got the message that it is cleansing time. The organs start expelling mucus and other great amount of massive wastes and toxins out of the body.

The better the fast the more efficient the toxins and wastes are expel and depending on the person's state of health.

Fasting on raw juices, water, vegetable juices, soups or broth are all different types of fasts that will cleanse the body; each works differently on different people. You just have to go with the fast that best suit your needs and the fast that give your body the best cleansing.


#1 Dr. Sebi cleanse to heal the body

Fasting heals the body in a number of ways, Dr. Sebi.

The fresh raw juices and vegetables soups are rich in minerals, trace elements, enzymes, and vitamins. These elements molecular structure are complete and they compliment the body, they can be easily assimilated into the blood stream without the body using too much energy to digest them, and the body is allow to focus its energy on healing damaged cells, tissues, and rejuvenating the system.

#2 benefits of juice fasting

Fruits and vegetables juices are very important because of the nutritive natural elements they provide, which are needed during fasting for helping the body in regenerating cells and speeding the healing activities. Dr. Sebi mentioned that he fasted for 90 days and after he completes his fast he was cured and disease free.


#3 fasting on vegetables both and raw juices

The blood and tissues are properly balance from raw juices and vegetables broth. When fasting as Dr. Sebi puts it, the blood and tissues have a high amount of acids. Broth of vegetables and juices from raw fruits Provide the body plenty of alkaline liquid for safe PH balance, which restores tissues and cells. The minerals from the juices and broths help bring back balance to the body biological chemical structure.


#4 fasting benefits of juices, vegetables, and water

The benefit of fasting on juices and vegetables broth instead of water help the body to neutralized DDT and other toxins released into the blood stream as well as other toxic poisons because of the high mineral elements of raw and vegetables juices.

I personally favor vegetables and juice fasting over water fasting. I fast with raw juices, my body increase its eliminative and detoxifying apparatus and the healing journey is so much faster.