Dr. Sebi Natural Alkaline Fruits For Clean Eating

Dr. Sebi fruits

Dr. Sebi Used to talk about fruits for clean eating to get rid of mucus in all of the speeches he gave. He said that the more natural fruits are that you going to eat, the better. Raw fruits with seeds are better than fruits with no seeds. Store bought canned fruits are not healthy to eat; they contain preservatives, pesticides, and are poor in nutritious value. So, Dr. Sebi recommended that we eat raw natural seeded fruits. He warned that we do not eat seedless fruits, cooked fruits, or canned fruits. Do not add any salt, black pepper, or vinegar to fresh fruits; we should eat the fruits raw.


Dr. Sebi on Fruits:

  • Wash the fruits to remove the pesticides and preservatives before you eat them. You can remove the pesticide by adding some vinegar and a half squeezed lemon in a bowl then place the fruits in that bowl and scrub them for like ten seconds.
  • Fruits combination that you should not mix or eat together. You should avoid eating watermelons, cantaloupes, and melons with other fruits or foods; eat them alone.
  • If the fruit is dry, always soak them before you eat them. For example, dried prunes, dried raisins, etc.
  • Do not eat dried sulphured fruit, some are golden in color, sulphur is harmful and is a health risk inside the body.


Dr. Sebi on fruits not to eat is pineapple, cranberries, seedless and fruits. For a complete list of fruits not to eat, see GMO food guide.


Dr. Recommend fruits are cherries, mangoes, small red apples, and peaches. For a complete list of natural fruits to eat, see the natural food guide.


Dr. Sebi dietetic principal for health and basic living to ensure the best health you can have. The principles for eating fruits and I mean eating plenty of fresh raw seeded fruits is the right living.