Dr. Sebi Weight Loss Meal Plan for Women

Dr. Sebi Weight Loss Meal Plan for Women

Natural Dr. Sebi Weight loss  Meal Plan for Women From the Nutritional Food Guide.

Breakfast within one hour after

Waking up: (drink 16 ounces of natural spring water upon waking up)

Or herbal natural tea of your choice- see natural food guide for herb choices.

Or organic fruits of your choice (see natural food guide for non GMO)



Chick pea’s salad

Or any of the following nuts: hazel nut, Brazil nut, almonds or walnuts

Or pancake/waffles/baked goods with camut, teff or spelt flower

Simple carbohydrate.......... Any of the following fruits (refer to natural food good)


Morning snack


Teff, spelt, or kamut crackers with almond nut butter and dates or natural fruit jam

Or some fresh fruits

Or some bread made with the grains mentioned above



Complex carbohydrate.... Any of the following: some nuts or anything made with the natural flour grains mentioned

Or any of the following prepared meal from the natural food guide

Or cooked wild rice prepared with mushrooms


Protein....... One of the following-Chick pea’s salad or nut burger, tef, spelt, wild rice, quinoa, or kamut pasta

Or 3/4 cup cooked natural non GMO legume

Simple carbohydrate ...... 1 piece of natural fruit

Or a cup of soup

Afternoon snack

Repeat earlier morning snack

Or almond nut butter with fruit jam and crackers made with the natural flour mentioned



Complex carbohydrate..... 1 cup of natural grain past (teff, spelt, wild rice, quinoa, kamut, or rye)

Or 1 cup of alkaline vegetables (see natural food guide)

Protein.... 3 to 5 ounces of nut meat, Brazil, walnut, chick peas, or domino

Or 1 half cooked legumes

Simple carbohydrate..... 1 cup of alkaline vegetables

Or some fresh fruits

Healthy munchies (optional) raw vegetable salad with lemon juice or other natural ingredient dressing


Evening snack

Repeat earlier snack choices

Some natural grains cereal with almond or hazel nut or other natural nut milk


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