Dumb Yet Healthy, How you can live longer healthier life

Dumb Yet Healthy, How you can live longer healthier life

The conception that people have to have a tub of knowledge about vitamins, nutrition, calories, protein, anatomy, diseases, and a stack of medical credentials, etc., in order to eat healthy and sustain manageable good health. That is far from the reality, I don't know half of those worthy mentioned, yet, I managed to naturally balance my diet;

I am able to sustain my health, and for 15 years I haven't had a headache, the flu, nor have I step foot in a hospital. Am I a golden child, no, how is it so that I don't get sick while my friends, colleagues, coworkers, and family members are in-and-out of the hospitals, on synthetic prescription drugs , and are dying...


I managed my health and not get sick by obeying a few sample rules. I once was reading a book and a chapter had a short story about 3 healers in a village.


The first healer was always busy; a camp of distress and sick people was common at the practice, the sick people were always there, and the clinic was always open.


The second healer had few clients, but not as much as the first. The charges were higher and it was for a good reason; the practitioners were skilled and the patients knew their malignant would treat.


The third healer had no patient, the owner was seldom there. To get to the point, the story wasn't about the healers, it was about the patients. There are three types of people regarding health; People who are sick; people who wait to get sick, and people who prevent from getting sick. I am one of those who do what I have to do to by being obedient to the laws of nature (universal creator).


I don't eat anything that doesn't have seed. If there is no seeds, nature did not create it-it was man-made (GMO). Everything nature produces has seed to reproduce itself. All of those seedless fruits at the supermarket were made in a laboratory. For example, seedless watermelon, seedless grape, seedless oranges, seedless tangerine, seedless apples, the list goes on...


#2: the top 3 killers in America are sleep deprivation, dehydration, and a lack of physical fitness.


90 minutes after sunset, you are not supposed to be up. If you are not asleep according to the natural cycle of the earth-it is not real sleep, the brain produces a crucial chemical at night (melatonin). Sleeping before 11-12 p.m. at night allows the brain to produce its melatonin which enables regulation according of the circadian cycle of the earth in alignment with the bodies.


Sleeping with the head facing north, the earth's magnetic pull is north; the body's organs, veins, and blood vessels are in perfect alignment, but sleeping facing any other direction besides north will cause the organs, blood, and veins to stretch northward toward the earth's magnetic pull. It is detrimental because the organs become stress to the pulling cause by the magnetic pull of the earth, therefore, tiers them apart.

Dehydration: all people have to do is drink plain natural spring water. They drink more of everything else besides plain water. People drink juice, soda, beer, alcohol when they should be drinking natural spring water. The human blood is 90% water. Water is the body's natural purification and cleansing process.


Lack of physical fitness:

You simply have to walk and it's free. Spending too much money and time at the gym shredding muscle tissues is not healthy because you are putting so much stress on the kidneys having to repair those shredded tissues. It will exhaust the liver, kidneys, and deteriorate your overall body's health.



I fast often, at least once or two weeks during a three months stretch. Fasting allows the organs to cleanse themselves out of material waste from food, air, and the polluted environment. I first use natural herbs a week before my fast, I fast on natural fruit juices, vegetable juices, and natural spring water. Fasting keeps my body looking and feeling young, rejuvenates my skin, and helps balance my weight.