Foods during fasting, Dr. Sebi

Dr. sebi food list during fasting

Foods during fasting that are easy for the body to assimilate and increase optimum body wastes removal that are recommended by Dr. Sebi and other natural health professionals like dr. Afrika and Dick Gregory.


Fasting is abstinence from foods, which greatly increases the process of eliminating material wastes from the body. Yes, body wastes from highly process foods such as synthetic medication, radiation, pollution, and environmental toxins that affect the overall health of our body. Fasting greatly speeds up this process of expelling many of the harmful body wastes, for example, phlegm, mucus, toxins, fecal waste, and parasites from the human body.


What type of fasting foods to eat?

According to Dr. Sebi, during fasting if one has to eat because of medical reasons or whatever the case maybe, knowing the right food to eat is very important because your body must still be able to continue eliminating wastes, flush out mucus, and toxins. Yes, you can eat, but you will gain more advantage if you eat mainly natural alkaline fruits, vegetables, both of their fresh made juices, and steamed vegetable broths.


#1 Eating foods during fasting that your body can easily digest that are rich in minerals plus foods that are dense in nutrients to provide the elements your body will need without using much of its energy to assimilate those foods, and therefore using much of its energy and resources flushing out body wastes material to speed up the healing process.

Dr. Sebi fasting foods checklist:

The following are advantages of Dr. Sebi's fasting foods; they are the benefits your body receives from eating the recommended natural foods when. The natural foods have all of the so called 92 minerals found in the earth's soil, which 27 of them are found and play major roles in the human body for restoring good health and bringing your body to its original healthy state. Those foods contain the following benefits that are essential for optimum and proper functioning of the body. The fasting foods provide:

* Alkalinity

* Iron, calcium, magnesium, copper, zinc, and many other minerals

* Easy to digest, assimilate, and used by the body

* They flush out the body and detox harmful wastes

* Expel mucus

* Get rid of toxins

* Neutralize the body's PH balance

* Restore the body overall good health

What are the fasting foods to eat?


* Mangoes, all types of berries, seeded melons; papayas, seeded grapes, and much more (get the free natural food guide).


Vegetables to eat during fasting

If you must eat during fasting because of some sort of medical reason or any other situation you may happen to be in. These vegetables are ideal to eat because of their ability to aid the body in expelling mucus or toxins due to their rich mineral content. Dandelion greens, green leafy colorful vegetables, kale, cabbage, broth of burdock leaves, or root vegetable broth juices. For more on alkaline vegetables- see the free natural food guide. Those foods are Dr. Sebi ways of getting rid of mucus and other body wastes from your system.