Get tight vagina safely now -Tighten vaginal walls fast

yoni and vaginal detox

Tighten vaginal walls instantly with this natural FDA approved powder is a dream come true and finally able women to have tight vagina fast and without having to break the bank. You don't have to have surgery to tighten your vaginal walls, which cost a lot of money. You can have what you once had, be a virgin again, have a tight vagina, and summon your Venus feminine Goddess. Your man will love your tight vagina because you will be able to feel every movement of even a finger in your pussy.


Tighten vaginal walls sensibility will reawaken the yoni. I recommend a tight vagina because no woman or man likes a loose pussy. There are too many bad stereotypes that accompanied a loose pussy, for example, people misconceived woman with a loose yoni that they are harlots, sex animals, and will basically fuck anyone or anything. You and I know that is not always the case for not having a tight vagina—right. So how to tighten vagina walls that pleases both men and women because tight pussy rules the world.


How to tighten vagina walls fast

Let’s start chanting tight vagina because I had no idea that the best way to tighten my yoni was right before my eyes. The number one ingredient I have used to tighten vaginal walls if you can't wait and need to have a tight vagina right away is called alum powder. It is a form of potassium sulfate and you'll find it in the spice aisle section of your grocery store. Wherever you are in any grocery store, they'll have it in the spice aisle—whether you at Whole Foods, Wal-Mart, or your local mom and pops grocery store, it will be in the spice aisle.

Alum yoni magic

It is used as a pickling salt or pickling agent; it makes vegetables crisp; it stops bleeding on cuts if you have a minor cut, you can just put some of the power on and it stops the bleeding instantly. I don't recommend using it for cuts, so let us focus on using alum to tight vagina. You can ingest alum; it is technically a food according to the FDA. Alum is harmless in low doses.


Again I don't recommend eating alum; let's focus on using it to tighten vagina walls. Like with everything, you don't want to overdo it because it can be toxic if you take high dosage of alum. For example, a whole bottle is not recommended as safe, which you do not need. It comes in a powder form like a crystal powder. You also can use alum as a deodorant; it also lightens the skin.


How to tight vagina with alum

You are going to mix half or one teaspoon of the alum powder in a douchebag, add some hot water, and then shake it up. Do your normal thing with the douche, if you do not know what douching is, you should learn it before attempting this tighten vaginal walls thing. While you are douching the mixture up there, you will see it kinds of just starting to shrink up on its own. It does go back to normal after while this is not permanent—it’s temporary. If you want a tight vagina immediately, Alum powder will do that for you.

Phases of achieving tight vagina

You are on your way to rocking someone's world with your tight vagina. You will rejoice the fruits of the pleasures. The sweet liquid of electricity slivering down tingling current beneath the skin from the forehead down to your belly, and below the navel, Fetishism is the pre-warm up; tighten vagina walls leashes yoni wholeness.


One of the best ways to administer a tight pussy is to mix alum and warm water in a douche. Some people just sprinkle the Alum in water and they just sit to soak the vagina in the water. I have done it and it will tighten vaginal walls, but the pussy doesn't get as tight if you were to use a douche, which allows direct contact while tighten vaginal walls. So, if you want to do it right, then get a douchebag from CVS Walgreens. The Alum really is instant, after you done, by the time you walk out the shower; do a fingers test, and you might not even be able to get your finger in your pussy depending on how you're built. You will be surprise of your tight vagina. Remember not to overdo it.


Tight vagina warnings

This woman did so much alum for her tight pussy, not sure about the exact amount of alum she applied exactly, but her vagina was so tight, and she started getting headaches. You don't want that, so test it out by adding half a teaspoon of alum to see how it turns out and how you tolerate the mixture.

You may need moisturizer. I like vegetable glycerin because it's naturally sweet for just in case he wants to go down there and put his mouth in your yoni. You don’t want him to be like what the hell is this… something that tastes good, of course even though pussy tastes best, but the moisturizer also brings moisture back to that area. I am not saying you have a dry pussy; I am just saying. Lmao...


You can use coconut oil or other oils that you like. I just like the slip that the vegetable glycerin gives; it gives a slippery kind of thing going, which I like. So in conclusion, get the Alum powder at your local supermarket.