Gum Disease Natural Treatment

Gum Disease Natural Treatment

Gum diseases like pyorrhea and gingivitis are common in modern society due to highly processed foods consumption. They are usually disorders affecting the gums and underlying bone structure. Gum diseases can be successfully treated with alkaline natural herbs (


Signs of gum disease include red, swollen gums that bleed easily, chronic bad breath, loose or shifting teeth, receding gums, loss of teeth, changes in bite pattern, and sensitivity to hot and cold.


Reasons of gum disease include plaque and tarter build-up, nutritional deficiencies, allergies, lack of fresh food, too much meat, and refined food or sugar in the your diet.


Ways to improve healthy gums is eating lots of fresh, crunchy foods like kale, apples, nuts, and green salads can improve gum health. You always chew food well and avoid acid forming foods like tomatoes, sweet potatoes, soft drinks, and refined foods.


The cost of treatment for gum disease varies according to how severe the disease is. You can choose to do this with natural herbs or the modern way. The natural way will cost you only a few dollars and is highly effective with no sides’ effects. The modern way will cost more and is most use method because many modern people have lost the knowledge of traditional healing with herbs.


A simple scale and polish ITEM 114 is $70- $150.

A periodontal chart is often required to map out the areas of periodontitis that require further treatment. The item number is 221 and it will cost you $45- $85.

Gingival or root planning debridement (under the gum cleaning) is the next stage for any deeper pockets. This is charged per tooth. The ITEM number for this is 222 and will cost $29- $139 per tooth.

You can see, if you have many teeth that require treatment, this can get quite expensive.

Periodontal pockets not responding to this treatment may require a surgical approach (ITEM 232) for more efficient cleaning or referral to a specialist. The average cost (2012) for this service is $240 (range in the region of $200- $400).


Natural herbs for gum disease:

Rub the gums with fresh strawberries, baking soda, sage leaves, honey, or lemon juice, chamomile, or red raspberry tea can also help. To control infection and stop bleeding use a yellow root and myrrh powder poultice and apply directly to gum area. Other remedies include diluted tea tree oil, witch hazel, green drinks (containing chlorophyll), and diluted clove oil.



Many commercial tooth pastes contain sodium lauryl sulfate. It is added to increase foaming while brushing. This ingredient causes dry mouth which can lead to tooth decay. Look for natural toothpastes in health food stores that do not contain sodium lauryl sulfate.