Healthy Glowing Beautyful Skin

Healthy Glowing Beautyful Skin

The skin is the largest organ in the body so it's imperative that it is well taking care of; to do that can be somewhat complicated if one doesn't has some nutritional knowledge. But with basic mundane information about nutrition can help Improve your skin's health, you don't need to read many books on the subject unless you have the resources and the time or if you want to and have inspirations of becoming a super being like myself( I am on that path).


As you know my role model as to who is a super being is the gorilla, the gorilla lives as a vegetarian in the jungle without any hospitals, jail, and without any teenage pregnancies, nor would you find pimples on a gorilla.

We all have seen someone with bad skin or someone with acne. Whether it's bad hygiene or bad dieting, it is not pleasant to look at. Here is a list to help combat bad skin problems, you or anyone who dreams of gorgeously beautiful skin.


Implement natural fruits, greens, and nuts into your diet. For example, chayote, dandelion greens, amaranth greens, almond, Brazil nuts, hazel nuts, all kind of berries, fresh olive, okra, and dark or purplish fruits and vegetables, etc...


Get more sleep

  • Natural Spring water
  • Cacao
  • Zinc, iron, and vitamin A— these are properties that help your skin, hair, and nails become healthy.

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