How to DIY vaginal douching with water, apple cider vinegar, or hydrogen peroxide

DIY vaginal douching with water, apple cider vinegar

I remember growing up in Zimbabwe watching women douching as a little girl; I was about nine or 10 years old. The elder women in my community use to prepare herbal douches when a woman had a vaginal discharge, infection or had giving birth a few days prior...


I used to observe the great grandmothers who were the elders amongst the women sending young girls to go collect herbs. The teenage girls would bring back these fresh mixtures bundle of herbs. There were times the girls would have to make multiple trips if they had brought the wrong herbs. Now that I am older and looking back, it feels more like a fraternity of women healers; the young girls were going through rituals and rites. The older women would examine the herbs before boiling them, and then let steep in a bucket. Vaginal douching with warm water and herbs was for women who had given birth or had some form of vaginal infection.


How vaginal douching was done:

A woman wearing a long dress would sit on the bucket, which had boiled herbs poured in it and it was steeped for about 10-15 minutes; she sat on the bucket with her dress covering the entire bucket. This allowed herbal stem to rise up her vagina, she sat on the bucket for 15-20 minutes or until the water cool down. This was done during early morning or during nighttime before going to bed. The vagina steam could be repeated or the herbal douche was performed once or twice a week within 2 to 3 days apart, but not more than 3 times a month.

So the stuff that were used for the douche: a long dress, a tall pot or bucket to pour the boiled herbs and to sit on, and the douche was done early in the morning or in the evening before going to bed.


Stuff you’ll need for Vaginal douching with apple cider vinegar:

Red raspberry leaf, sage, chamomile, cloves, with apple cider vinegar

For vaginitis, vaginal discharge or vaginal infection a douche can be very effective; that is a vaginal douche, not for hygiene purposes, but douching as a vaginal therapy can be extremely beneficial. Vaginal douching that you can do on your own at your own home. Now douching is only necessary for vaginal infection, not for personal hygiene.

Making your douche with natural herbs should be steeped in water that was boiled and let cool down until you are ready to use it. Keep in mind that there are many herbs that are useful in doing an herbal douche; this is just one out of many ways of making a herbal douche.

Add 4-8 ounces of diluted vinegar to a pint of distilled water.

Add 4-8 ounces of hydrogen peroxide and 1 ounce of bayberry myrtle to 1-pint water.

  • Mix equal amount of herbs of chamomile, sage, or red raspberry leaf, and or wintergreen.
  • Add one 1-2 cups of boiling water (hot); steep the water for about 5-25 minutes, then strain. You may need to add some more hot or warm water to get the full amount that you'll need.


What does douching do?

Vaginal douching is used to soothe, heal, and for abnormal discharges.

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