How Your Body Eliminates waste

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Your body is always producing wastes. Therefore, it is always working hard and spends much of its time eliminating wastes when it should be doing other things. The body tries to get rid of them all but it also needs your help. Natural ways your body cleanses itself and how you can aid in the waste elimination process naturally.


How your body does produce wastes?

To learn how your body produces toxins- ask yourself and answer a few of the following questions.

Do you sometimes over eat and eating the wrong food?

Do your over work?

Are you lacking enough rest?

Do you exercise?

Are you getting enough fresh air?

If the answers to those questions tell you that your body might be overburdened eliminating wastes or toxins most of the time. Soon, sickness and a breakdown of your body and overall poor health may happen.


What are the primary ways your body gets rid of wastes?

The body makes an effort to cleanse out wastes through the organs that are equip of eliminating toxins, which are the lungs, bowels, kidneys, skin, and spitting.

What can you do to help your body eliminates waste naturally?

You can help your body opens the organs that are there to eliminate toxins, wastes, and impurities through the four ways that are naturally there to do it.

The bowels: daily herbal teas or morning/evening natural herbs must be given

The kidneys: plenty of fluids from fruits, vegetables, and water to drink.

The lungs--fresh air

The skin--daily baths are important to cleanse the skin.


I know I said 4, but there are a few others I like to add.

Spitting--the blood and the lymphatic system carry toxin and waste from the cells to the organs of elimination. The lymphatic system empties its wastes through the right thoracic duct and into the back of the mouth; as a result phlegm can be spit out. Try to spit out phlegm instead of swallowing it. Because your body is trying very hard to cleanse itself, do not recycle phlegm by swallowing it.

Cell and tissue cleansing--drinking plenty of natural spring water and juices will help

Natural spring water is the best way to cleanse your body/organs of impurities. By drinking water, diluted natural fruit juices, raw fruits and vegetables juices, you will be helping your body to eliminate wastes.