Spiritual Food Awakening

spiritual food awakening

Time, choices, and barriers of Spiritual Food Awakening In my view, the reason why a lot of people-particularly those in power suppressing cultural foods, discouraging the natural farmer, and manipulating the masses about nutrition. To make it complicated and make it sophisticated, you build political laws, complexity and fraud using the media and pharmaceutical. It's not rocket science.


It operates on certain simple rules and once you understand those simple rules, you will have power. You know, that’s just the law. Like gravity, if a particular racial, a particular group of people get this power, they stay in control. Until you are able to wake up and shake off their ignorance. So, when you destroy this knowledge, the people are asleep.

They are in slumber. And this has been the blight on blacks for hundreds of years. But it has changed; ironically it'd changed through modern technology. Things like the internet and what are happening is the powers holders. People who have control of the political systems globally they cannot maintain their control with technology such as the internet, YouTube and so on...


So this information is whirling around and we are living in the golden age at the moment. I don't know how long it's going to last. In a short window this information is gradually awakening not Just Africans but people of the world who are being exploited. The bottom line about all this is not about race or color.


It's about exploitation of ordinary people you. This exploitation of ordinary people is they Chinese, South Americans, Americans in America—all exploitation. The rules of all this is spiritual power vs. spiritual ignorance. If the people are awakening spiritually, they will shake-off their oppressors. There is no political party that can free the people in America, free people in the Caribbean or free Africans in Africa. There is no leader that's going to come out and do it. It's going back to natural cultural foods for spiritual weakening that will do it.