Stress food herb glands

Stress food herb glands

I never wanted to believe the thought that something was wrong with my glands. Even though, I accepted to try alfalfa tea. I replaced my caffeine-containing tea coffee and the tannic-acid containing tea for this natural alfalfa herb. Plus, I stopped eating starchy food, sugar, and junk food. I ate natural fruits and food vegetables to nourish my body. Meanwhile, alfalfa tea was always my beverage with any meal and whenever I needed a lift.


Alfalfa tea helps awaken my glands:

Soon I felt more alive with my grand natural energy. I no more stayed in bed in the morning, groggy and loss of breath unable to get up and go in the kitchen to cook breakfast. Alfalfa tea helped nourish my hormones and stimulate my stressed glands.

Benefits of Alfalfa herb:

Alfalfa is called al-falfa, which means father of plants. It is written that the Arabs were the first to recognize Alfalfa health benefits. There's a legend that say the Arabs would feed alfalfa to their animals, their camels would become strong and hastened on the desert sand. Alfalfa has every major mineral that can restore gland cells or glandular cell such as magnesium, silicon, potassium, chlorine, iron, phosphorus, and calcium which stabilizes the nerve roots and help bring balance to the glands.


Alfalfa is an excellent blood purifier; it detoxifies the body and alkalinizes it. Alfalfa is the choice of source for hormone-feeding protein: it lowers blood cholesterol, balances blood sugar and hormones, and promotes melanin function. Alfalfa affects the stomach, blood, and gland. A simple herb, but alfalfa is powerful.


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