Worms in Humans: Intestinal Parasites Detox

Worms in Humans: Intestinal Parasites Detox

Intestinal parasites are extremely clever. Parasites can use chemicals to trick your brain into behaving, as they want and taking complete control over your body. Parasites can release certain types of chemical in your body that prompt you to craving certain types of foods that are usually unhealthy. They can also deplete nutrients and minerals from your body in order to have more control of the types of food you eat that would be beneficial to them and to keep your body under their control.


There aren't any good of having intestinal parasites or any other types of slimy nasty worms in your body. If you do not know if you have them, I recommend you do parasites cleanse anyways because I rather you be safe than regretful. It is really easy to purge worms and parasites and there are various natural herbs and foods to get rid of parasites. Once you have learned how to identify whether or not you have parasites—get rid of them, worms have no business inside of your body.


Symptoms of intestinal parasites

Knowing is powerful, so how can you tell if you a victim of intestinal parasites or have worms inside your body? Worms in your stool is one of the first parasites symptoms that are easiest to spot, but there are a number of other symptoms. For example, diarrhea, constipation, allergies, weight loss, anemia, nervousness, irritable bowels, anal itching, dry cough, gas or bloating, appetite loss, fatigue, and sleep disturbances.

I personally had worms in my stool after I had gone to do my business. It was about three feet long—it had to be, I remembered it being long when I pulled it out; I was fearful. Can you imaging using the toilet and you felt this stringy worm coming out of your behind in your stool and forcefully trying to crawl its way back up there? I did the only thing I could. I grabbed some toilet paper, and then I pulled the sucker out. It was such a weird horrible experience I wish I hadn't experience.


Causes of intestinal parasites

There are roughly over 54 million people in the world who are carrying worms within their bodies; people who are infected with Intestinal parasites and most likely unaware of it. Worms live in the gastrointestinal tract and into your muscles; they live in the intestine and eat your food. Worms reduce crucial nutrients intended to be absorbed into the bloodstream. Worms or parasites produce toxic wastes within your body, which are harmful, and parasites have the ability of releasing chemicals into your body to manipulate your behavior—that is the creepiest thing to me.


The number one cause of intestinal parasites is eating raw poorly cooked meat. You can also get worms by improper disposal of human and animal waste. Polluted vegetation that was in contaminated water and by walking bear foot is another way a person can get contract parasites or worms. Lastly, scratching your anus can transfer worm eggs under your fingernails and transfer them to other places of body parts. As you see catching parasites or worms is easy, you may have them without ever knowing, which is why doing a parasites cleanse is a wining endeavor.

Types of parasites

The most well known types of parasites are:

  • Roundworms are mostly found in children
  • Hookworms enter the body when people eat with their hands unwashed; they can also enter by boring into the feet
  • Tapeworms are flat worms and they are contracted when eating poorly cooked meat such as beef, pork, and fish.
  • Pinworms are very tiny, they cause rectal itching, and eating raw or poorly cooked vegetables that were contracted with contaminated water contracts them.


How to get rid of parasites

To remove parasites do the following natural remedies to purge worms, these herbs help expel worms?

  • Cascara sagrada, wormwood, wormwood seed, cloves, burdock, Echinacea, and black walnut. Avoid using these herbs if you are pregnant.
  • To help destroy intestinal parasites use grapefruit seed extract. Take the black walnut extract and chaparral tea or the tablets. Eat plenty of figs; you can also drink fig juice.
  • Ginger juice can get rid of intestinal parasites—research has proven this to be true.
  • Turmeric is use to get rid of worms.
  • Drink one cup of wormwood tea three to four times a day or after meals.


Parasites Diet

  • Eat raw fresh vegetables, nuts, and while grains
  • Eat foods that are high in fiber
  • Avoid eating white sugar
  • Fasting on raw apple juice can get rid of tapeworms


Dr. Sebi parasites cleanse

Cut tow raw onions soak them in a pint of water for 12 hours, then strain and squeeze out the juices. You can drink this 3 times a day.


To avoid intestinal parasites and worms wash your hands frequent and before eating. Wash your fresh vegetables before you eat them. Do not bite your nails and keep your house clean. For more on parasites read this.